Types Of Speed Reducers And Gear Stepper Motors

If we focus on their internal disposition, we can classify motor speed reducers as follows:


Planetary speed reducers

Planetary gear stepper motor is arranged into stages, each one having the following structure:


Sun, the central gear. It rotates around the central shaft of the system

Carrier, which holds up to 3 gears and meshes with the Sun

Ring gear, that engages with the satellites

The central shaft can also be used as a center of rotation, making it easy to switch directions.


This type of gear motor is highly reliable. It is for this reason that it is used in many automatic transmissions. In addition, it is quite versatile, which makes it ideal for many sectors – from industrial automation to robotics.


Among the advantages of planetary gear motors we can find:


Their great angular rotational stability and, therefore, their high level of precision.

Their limited vibrations when dealing with various loads

Their uniform transmission capabilities allow for a greater repeatability

One must also keep in mind that these motor speed reducers have a higher contact surface. This means that they engage more smoothly and generate lower noise levels.


This better engagement and a good torsional rigidity make this type of speed reducer more durable.

Types Of Speed Reducers And Gear Stepper Motors

Worm drive

This type of industrial gear motor is simpler, since it transmits the motion of a worm wheel using an inline worm screw along its shaft.


The resulting gear ratio is calculated based on the number of teeth of the crown wheel and the indentations of the worm.


One of its greatest advantages is that it offers a high reduction with few stages, which would require several speed reductions when using conventional gears.


Parallel shaft gear motor

Parallel shaft gear motors are composed of pairs of the following types of gears:


Spur gears, which are the most common

Helical gears, which have a higher power and speed, but are more silent

Double helical gears, also known as herringbone gears, which eliminate axial thrust

This type of speed reducer for electric motors has a compact design and a great ability to withstand a high torque and radial forces.

Furthermore, it can operate with a power of up to 200 kW, with a low vibration and noise level.


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